Our film projects are ones which challenge the viewers to assess the entertainment that they view today. We are committed to bring to life stories that will bless the audience and leave the viewer with the ability to visualize the stories within their God given boundaries and comfort zones.

Salt Shaker Films is proud to be a leading financier on the upcoming major motion picture, Reagan from Rawhide Pictures. The movie stars Dennis Quaid, John Voight, Penelope Ann Miller, David Henrie, Robert Davi plus a star studded cast bringing to life the story of our greatest president and his faith in Christ. This is an important film for such a time as this.

We are currently in preproduction in the amazing film, The Joe Roth Story. This must see film, is the life statement about a man who refused to let cancer defeat his love of football, his Cal Berkeley teammates, and his fans. From his first days at Cal Berkeley until his last breath, Joe redefined the love of the game and his teammates. He lived his life with a commitment to things greater than himself. A honorable warrior, committed to his Christian Faith, displaying Humility, and demonstrating Courage. We believe that his story will be this generations Brian's Song.

Addressing the headlines of our times must include ones position on abortion. Salt Shaker Media is a company committed to pro-life. Only God controls the womb, and only God has the right to give and take life. Our films will always portray a Pro Life commitment with grace. To support the vital work of a pro-life generation, we are pleased to be the Associate Producer of an important film titled Divided Hearts of America. This documentary follows Pro Football great Ben Watson, as he interviews 30 Americans from both sides of this life impacting controversy. We are confided that you will find this film to be an important resource.